Every company requires materials to get work done. The acquisition of work goods and services is one of our core competencies. This basically involves assisting our clients in sourcing, purchasing, and delivering needed goods and services cost-effectively, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.

Clevepronet Limited provides a full-cycle supply chain solution—we start from the determination of appropriate manufacturers to delivering at the final point. We can offer a full suite of business solutions that optimize our clients’ supply chain while reducing costs and improving service level.

We have the capacity and capability to source any kind of product. Under our acquisition arrangements, we ensure that our clients’ interests are adequately met through product quality, competitive prices, and long-term post-sale support where needed.

We procure and supply:

  • Machinery and equipment

  • Standard personnel protective equipment (PPE)

  • Fire prevention, suppression and fighting equipment

  • In-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS)

  • Security and anti-theft systems

  • Chemicals

  • Electrical/instrumentation equipment

  • Civil engineering equipment