Defensive Driving

This training teaches how to drive defensively, and how to reduce road traffic accidents and incidents to the barest minimum. It is for anyone whose primary occupation is driving (for example, company drivers and fleet drivers, etc.) The course includes case studies and other examples to illustrate the concepts, as well as practical tools, such as sample forms and checklists.

At the end of the course there will be a quiz; as this will help to measure and encourage learning. All participants will be given a handout and an attendance certificate.

This course instills the expertise required to be a defensive driver, with the aim of improving driver safety.

Why Should I Register for this Course?

This course is for anyone who drives, most especially professional drivers.

Course Content

  • Introduction

  • Objectives of Defensive driving

  • Ten Common Driving Errors

  • Defensive Driving Concepts and Techniques

  • Communicating with Other Drivers

  • Traffic Laws

  • Signals and Traffic Signal Procedures

  • Right-of-Way

  • Yielding at Stop Signs and Yield Signs

  • Traveling through intersections

  • Aggressive Driving

  • Tailgating

  • Road Rage

  • Proper Driving Posture

  • Body Position

  • Looking Ahead

  • Speeding

  • Parking

  • Road and Weather Conditions

  • Car Safety Measures

  • Outside the Vehicle

  • Inside the Vehicle

  • Collision Prevention Techniques

  • Three Biggest Mistakes

  • Signs and Roadway Markings

  • Traffic Signs

  • Roadway Markings

  • Defensive Driving Rules

  • Safety in Driving and Use of Safety Devices

  • Summary

Course Duration

One day, which also includes a tea break and lunch.


On successful completion of this course participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance and an ID Card.

Course Fee

₦20,000 (twenty thousand naira), which covers course, practical, training materials and certification.