Risk Assessment

The aim of this course is to train participants and provide them with a practical approach to risk assessment. This course will equip participants with the expertise required to analyze and evaluate risks, and how to appropriately eliminate or control any looming hazard.

The course includes case studies and other examples to illustrate the concepts, as well as practical tools, such as sample forms. This course will be rounded off with a practical exercise, as this will help to measure and encourage learning.

Who Should Register for this Course?

Anyone who will be involved in job hazard analysis: employees, team leaders, foremen, supervisors, HSE professionals, heads of departments, and managers.

Course Content

  • Introduction

  • Legal Requirements

  • What is Risk Assessment?

  • The Importance of Risk Assessment

  • Goal of Risk Assessment

  • How to do a Risk Assessment

  • How to Identify Hazards

  • How to Know the Severity of A Hazard

  • How to Rank or Prioritize the Risk

  • What Options Exist to Rank or Prioritize Risks?

  • Hazard Control Methods

  • Review and Monitor Your Assessment

  • Documentation for a Risk Assessment

  • How to fill a General Risk Assessment Form

  • Practical

Course Duration

One week.


On successful completion of this course participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Course Fee

₦20,000 (twenty thousand naira), which covers course, practical, training materials and certification.