The impact of ISO 9001 on Customer perspective.


One of the principles of QMS is customer focus, it aims at ensuring the satisfaction of Customers/Clients.

The implementation of ISO 9001 affects and enhances the relationships among customers’ perceptions of service recovery and, consequently, customer satisfaction, perceived value and loyalty.

It is paramount to the overall wellbeing of any organization to major on a non-compromise of meeting the specifications, requirements of its customer. When customers are satisfied with products and services, they in turn become advertisers to family and friends, guaranteeing high level of referrals.

Your customer’s satisfaction/dissatisfaction is directly proportional to the revenue of your organization, it also directly whether (positive or negative affects)customer loyalty, retention etc.

Individuals, entrepreneurs and big businesses are only as successful to the degree they respond to building their management system around this principle amongst others, hence they need for the implementation of the ISO 9001 in their businesses and organizations.

ISO Quality Management System

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